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ArtZone Heading
Compositing: Giving Depth to Stock Footage
Added on: Sun Aug 27 2000
Page: 1 3 

From here although we'll want to adjust the brightness up so that the debris in the middle isn't 50% opac, since that looks rather cheesy, so add a brightness and contrast effect to the scene, crank up the values to 1.0 and 1.0. This makes the pieces more dense when they come out of the fire.

Render a frame, such as frame 19.

Above is what it shows, a near black and white with grey variations lumience channel which we can use to composit the debris into.

From here we'll render this file out as an AVI so go to the render menu, enable active time segment (0-100) and then click on files, and then type in depth_lumience.avi, click on render. Once the file has rendered, go into the effects panel and deactiveate all of the ticks for brightness and contrast and file output, so we can render out the normal version without the depth map effecting it. Render out another animation with depth.avi as the filename.

Once both files are rendered out, go into video post. From here we want to insert the alpha channels from the depth scene and the explosion, so first of all click on the add image input event button and add into the scene, click on the add image filter event and from the drop down menu choose negative, we want this so we can make the explosion's mask negative for the task we are about to perform.

Make sure everything is deselected now and add the depth_a.avi image, select the negative and then the depth_a.avi events and click on the add image layer event button and then from the drop down menu choose alpha compositor. Click on the files button and select depth_a.avi as the mask and click on the alpha drop down and choose lumience, and choose

Now basically what is happening is that when you render this, it's getting the alpha from the explosion, and intergrating the debris alpha into it, so that the fire doesn't sit ontop of the debris but instead lets it through. So render this file out to depth_alpha.avi.

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