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ArtZone Heading
Volumetrics: Combustion
Added on: Sun Aug 20 2000
Page: 1 2 4 5 


Inner colour by default is a kind of yellow colour, this is what the colour in the inside of the combustion will look like.

Outer colour is a red colour by default, changing this changes the edges and exterior of the explosion.

Smoke colour is the colour of the smoke, once combustion fases out at the end it turns into smoke and then fades out, the smoke colour controls what the fased out colour will be.

Under shape we have flame type, here you can choose Tendril or Fire ball. Tendril is a more natural fire for candles and bush fires, and fireball is more of an explosion type of fire.
Use them in which cases work best for you, naturally for torches, bushfires candles and most types of standard fire tendril would be the best choice, but for giant explosions and fire balls, firball makes the most sense.

Below that we have stretch, which essentially stretches the fire, the default value is 1.0. Although the way it streches it is more vertical, there is no real use for this but in some cases it can make a nice abstract effect.

Regularity by default has a value of .2 but adjusting it higher makes it fit more into the gizmo's shape, and lowering the value forces it to be more sharp and crisp on the corners and essentially smaller. If you look below, a value of 0 makes the fire very sharp but small, as you adjust the value it becomes more bloated and looks more like a round circle rather than fire.

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