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ArtZone Heading
"Smokin 2" - Intermediate 3dsmax Particles
Added on: Wed Oct 11 2000
Page: 1 3 4 

Once you create the spray particle system, adjust the settings a bit to give it better motion:
change the size of the emitter to 20x20
change the particle count to 250
change the drop size to 30
and speed to 6
variation to .6
and render to facing,
and probably a good idea to switch from drops to ticks for better visualisation.
make the life of the particles go to 150 (the same amount of frames in the animation)

disable constant and change the birth rate to 1.9

Now you should have something with a bit better motion but it still moves vertically ect. We need to give it life, here comes the spacewarps.
Create a wind space warp and
make it spherical,
adjust the strength down to .59
and the decay to .15.
Now adjust
the turbulence to .96 and
the frequency to .51,
leave the scale alone for now.

Position the spacewarp to one of the corners and then asign it to the particle emitter, then clone the particle system and move it to one of the other corners about the same distance away from the particle system, and assign it.

Clone the spacewarp again and move it inbetween the other two particle systems but on the oposite side of the particle system,
change the strength value to -1.42
and then clone that and move it vertically down just a bit.
and away a bit.
Give that a value of a 1.28

Assign all of the space warps to the particle system. Now it's time to go to the material editor. Essentially since we are using facing particles rather than volumetrics, the shader is the heart of the illusion so to get the effect to look real we need to get this part perfect.

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