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TechZone Heading
Setting Up Your New AMD Thunderbird
Added on: Thu Apr 05 2001
Page: 1 2 4 

Stage 6: Bios Settings

This is where that bios manual comes in handy. Hopefully when you first turn on the computer it will post. Make sure to have the case open so you can MAKE SURE that the CPU fan is spinning up, if it isnít turn the computer immediately OFF. AMD CPUís do NOT have a safety override and will fry if the heatsink/fan isnít properly attached.
With that out of the way, go immediately into the bios and set your CPU speed. Most of the settings here differ from board to board but I will list some of the more common ones.

Settings to watch out for:

HOSTCLK or HOSTCLK +PCICLK(This setting determines 100 or 133 memory speed)
4-way Interweave Enable/Disable(Memory Performance Settings, Enable for mad bandwidth
Cas2/Cas3 Mem Fast/Turbo(This is where the more expensive mem comes in, enable Cas 2 for increased performance, disable if your comp locks up)
AGP 4X(speed of the AGP port 2X/4X, set to 4X if your graphics card supports it)
AGP Driving ModeThese settings affect Graphics Card - Motherboard interface
AGP Master latencyTweak these for increased stability

More information is found in your motherboard manuals.

Wonderful KT7 FAQ by Paul E. Howland

Asus K7V FAQ

Stage 7: Windows 98 Keeps Crashing

Uninstall Windows 98 and Install Windows 2000. Windows 98 is an unacceptable medium for professional work. It canít deal with large amounts of memory, which makes it a poor choice for doing any sort of 3d work.

Stage 8: Installing Win2k

So your machine boots. Your all primed and ready to go. CD ready, disks ready, Beer hat, and hopefully some sort of tv/form of entertainment. Things you will also need.

If you have a Geforce Nvidia Card - The Latest 6.5 Detonator Drivers at
Beta 11.01 Det Drivers at
AGP Hot Fix at
Win2k Refresh Fix at

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