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ArtZone Heading
"The Duel"
Added on: Fri Feb 25 2000
Page: 2 

Modeling the cars

This scene was simple to model, but these car were quite hard and they took time to model. I started by drawing a car sideview with splines, then I followed those lines with quad patch edges.
Edit patch modifier was used to set the patches right.. I used add quad and weld in edit patch...
That´s how you can have more patch to play with. Using edit patch may be confusing at first, but it can be learned quickly if you are patient. All you need to do is just move the vertexes and handles, add quads and weld vertexes together... =) BUT anyway, I think edit mesh & meshsmooth is much more powerful modeling technique... (Box modeling)

As you can notice, I modeled only a one half of the car, then i just made a mirrored clone and weld these together.

After the patch progress, I started to model the details like airvents, door seams etc. Edit mesh was used for this.
And after edit mesh and lots and lots of hours, my Ferrari looked like below.

Almost all small things on this car are built on edit mesh, using box modeling technique.. Things like seats and mirrors. Windows are just patches which i just shaped to fit into right place.
The Doors was made using extrude in edit mesh. First I selected the faces which I wanted to use as a door. I extruded those faces with minus value, then i scaled the door a bit, and finally i extruded those faces with positive value.
The airvents were also modeled with edit mesh. Using extrude and of course a little bit of moving the vertices.
For the front light holes i used boolean. I made the glass on a lamp holes from a patch.

Modeling the scenery

There is really nothing special to say about the scenenery. There was not anything difficult. Almost everything was modeled on edit mesh or loft. I used Combustions for the smoke. Some lens effects for the lights can be seen behind the cars.
Depth of field was added for blurring the background and there is also a starfield. I used 28mm camera to get a wide angle look for this scene.

Those additional terrain pieces behind the camera are for the reflections, so the cars have something to reflect.

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