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ArtZone Heading
Added on: Mon Jul 19 1999
Page: 2 3 

After examining the assigment brief, I decided to create a scene with two visually contrasting areas which are connected by a bridge.

The bridge would symbolise the link between any contrasting things or feelings like good and bad, happiness or sadness..I wanted to achieve the contrast by the use of lighting and materials while keeping the focus to the main element of the scene which is the bridge itself. The upper part of the scene is the "bad" side while the bottom being the "good".

I started modeling the scene with the bridge being the major element. I drew quick rough sketches of the bridge I had in my mind and started to build it by lathes and chamfer boxes. The poles are lathe objects with noise modifier applied to break up the perfectness and smoothness of the surface geometry. The walkway is constructed from Chamfer boxes. I drew one box and a spline to match the section of the walkway and assigned the spline as the path to the box by Path animation controller.

Then took a snapshot (accessible from Array button) of the animation sequence which gave me the perfectly aligned chamfer boxes forming the walkway. As I did not wanted the walkway to be perfectly aligned, I tweaked the transformation values of the boxes.

As soon as I achieved the look I wanted, I moved on to texturing process for the bridge. This is how I work most of the time. I start modeling the scene with the most important element, finish it completely and continue with the other elements of the scene.

For the pole material I used a Mix map in Diffuse Slot. I mapped two textures with two different UVW Map modifiers with different coordinates and channels. Planar for the top of the poles and cylinderical for the sides. Diffuse Mix Map uses Gradient with noise to blend the top and sides of the poles.
Used the same map for Bump slot. The material of the walkway elements has Mask
map in Diffuse slot to define the worn out or dirty parts of the walkway. Mask map is again a Gradient with Fractal noise. Speckle map is used in Bump slot. Not all the poles and walkway uses the same materials but slightly modified versions of the same material, saying modifying the Gradient placement or Gradient amount.

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