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Preparing an Exotic, Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
Added on: Mon Oct 11 2004
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shapes For the ice cubes, in shape of numbers, I needed some irregular surface, so I couldn�t extrude text or use the edit poly method.
Instead, I used nurbs surfaces. To make nurbs surfaces in shape of numbers, I made a line, placed some circles on it, using the spacing tool and finally used U Loft to create a surface.

delaunay difference Then under Surface Approximation->Advanced Parameters, I chose Delaunay with the max number of triangles 800. This made the surface irregular. Then converted it to an editable poly and adjusted the faces a little more to make the triangles even.

smooth number This is how it looks like after you add a mesh smooth to this irregular surface:

The material is a �mental ray� material. At the �basic shaders�, choose �Dielectric material� for the surface material. Leave the default values for this. Just change the phong coefficient from 0 to 5. At the �extended shaders�, choose �Parti volume� for the volume. I changed the scatter color to some yellow and the �non uniform� value to 2.

The lemon is an extruded outline with a lemon slice texture on. The straw is an edited cylinder. For the little umbrella, I made the little wooden sticks and a round nurbs surface. I made that surface a reactor cloth, added it along with those sticks in the simulation and let it slide a bit on the sticks. Then I updated the max scene and got a nice little umbrella.

After modeling these, I started tweaking the lighting. There is one omni light with mental ray shadow map, one skylight, the global illumination is off and final gather is on. The shadow of the glass is pretty hard to see because of the caustics. I thought it looked nicer with those caustics so I chose them over the shadow. I also used a depth of field effect.

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