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ArtZone Heading
Pilgrimage Inc Interview - Pilgrimage Demo Party 2004
Added on: Sun Aug 29 2004
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3dluvr: You both are very active in the art community. Computer artists aren't exceptionally well known for being social.  What inspired you to start social events such as Pilgrimage.  What has the overall consensus and feedback at such events been like.

Legalize: My inspiration has been three things: Project DELTA, SIGGRAPH and the pictures I saw of Assembly at SIGGRAPH 2002

Project DELTA was an education program at the University of Delaware where the programmers were all in one large "bullpen" style programming lab. There was a feeling of camaraderie there, I liked that. Most people think of SIGGRAPH as the premiere technical conference for computer graphics, but the great thing about SIGGRAPH is the confluence of technologists and artists with a common vocabulary. Some of the best art I've ever seen in my life was on exhibit at SIGGRAPH in the art gallery exhibit. When I saw the pictures of Assembly at SIGGRAPH 2002 I recognized the elements of both SIGGRAPH and Project DELTA.

As for the reaction to Pilgrimage itself, its been very positive! The prime example of that positive reaction is having RaD Man on board the staff this year. He has made a significant difference in helping me take Pilgrimage to the "next level".  And with that, over to him...

RaD Man: Legalize and I share the same inspiration; the Assembly party in Finland.

While I've attended other demoparties large and small in North America; NAID '96 (Quebec, Canada) and Spring Break '98 and '99 (California, USA); it has always been my dream since Assembly began to attend the single party that solidified the whole concept.  12 years later (this month) that dream was finally realized.

But, unfortunately, demoparties in North America are very far and few between.  Aside from the two years NAID was held, nothing holds a candle to level at which the massive demoparties in Europe have reached; both 'commercialized' and 'underground' included.  Then I discovered Pilgrimage 2003.  I was not only impressed with the high quality of the entries submitted at the event, but was rather inspired by a followup article written by Legalize on how to organize a demoparty.  I joined the Pilgrimage team in an effort to help turn things around for the better in North America.

Demoparties are about more than just the competitions and prizes.  They are an opportunity of a lifetime to network with likeminded individuals from around the world, a chance to meet new friends and rub shoulders with the demoscene digerati.  And who knows, you may just make scene history...

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