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About Heading
User Policy

Last Modifed: April 27th, 2004

The Acceptable Use Policy is a governing agreement between the Artist and 3DLuVr.

Fees and Contributions

The services provided here are FREE - there are NO monthly fees to pay. But that does not mean you are "off the hook." You are required to contribute to the site by providing content.

Every 4 (four) months you are required to produce 1 (one) article that will be posted on the main 3DLuVr site. If you wish to write more than one article you may do so as well. The article should consist of minimum 5 full pages with a maximum 2 images per page (formatted using the provided online editing tools).
The content of that article can be about software, hardware, tutorials, videos, reviews, interviews, 2D, 3D, f/x, compositing, music, programming, or anything befitting 3DLuVr and the Industry we are in. If you have other ideas outside the scope of 3DLuVr, just present them to me first and we'll find a suitable resolution.

Your article cannot be previously published material (existing tutorials etc); it has to be specifically written for 3DLuVr with unique content. Copyright and ownership of the item will be irrevocably transferred to 3DLuVr. While you will be credited for the articles you provide, you cannot exercise any control over them by allowing other people/sites to duplicate, replicate, copy, publish, use, etc. any articles written by you for 3DLuVr.

You do not need to know HTML, nor will you have to create a single web page. Everything will be done online through an editor that will provide you with necessary tools to write the article text, upload full size images (server will create thumbnails for you), and arrange it all. Someone will proofread your text before posting it online as well!

Furthermore, you do not have to write all of your articles in "one sitting." After writing the first article, you have three months before your next article is due. Even if you make one page every week, you will still create 12 pages and be on time; or you can just sit down and in 2-3 hours be done with it, the choice is yours.

You agree to participate in other features of the site such as Inside 3DLuVr, a front page section which showcases latest works in progres or finished works created by 3DLuVr artists. This is done by submitting a simple form every time you have something to show. It's easy and it will gain you more exposure to the public, which is what we are here for.

We also have forums called COLLOQUY and you are invited to register and actively participate. Afterall as a member of 3DLuVr community who else can set a good example but yourself? Don't be shy, this is your site as much as it is mine and your visibility depends on how much you are willing to contribute back in.

General Guidelines

You will not store any type of illegal content within your webspace, nor will you perform any type of illegal activity while using the said account/webspace. The sole purpose of this website is to present art to the public - nothing else, so please have that in mind.

Around-the-clock access to the FTP, email, and other services is granted.

The disk space you occupy is not limited (no quota), but please refrain from filling up the disk with temporary files or using your home directory as storage. Do not be wasteful. At most, all you should really need is around 15-30MB of space for an average website.

Please try to avoid uploading *huge* animation files. There are still users that have dial-up connections, and if you do not consider them when you post a 30MB test animation or reel, you will reduce the number of views your work will receive. Think about your audience before posting something on the Internet!

Artwork you put on this site is a contribution to the art community and is used to present yourself to the public. It is copyrighted to you and/or your employer (if posted with permission). 3DLuVr will not be responsible for copyright violations you have created by posting anything that does not belong to you, that is posted without permission, or that is plagiarized.

When you have been given an account here, you have been welcomed into the 3DLuvr community. As a member, you are asked to put your work on the site (both finished and work in progress) and NOT keep an empty directory for some future days. At the least, design an HTML page with a gallery and biography - it looks more professional and could be a selling point with potential employers as well.

Using your 3DLuVr web space for file storage only, forwarding traffic from here to some other site (pass-through), or being inactive for a long period will result in the termination of your account.

If you have already registered a domain, but would still like a site on 3DLuVr, you may *forward* the domain to your address at *only*. "Masking" the URL in the browser window, i.e. your 3DLuVr URL is replaced by your domain name while browsing your 3DLuVr pages, is not permitted. It must be clear to visitors that they are on the 3DLuvr network and not on your own domain, because they really are here; otherwise you are denying 3DLuvr its identity.

3DLuVr may have commercial ads in the form of banners present throughout your site. They are used as one of the means of supporting the 3DLuvr. You are *NOT* to interfere with the operation of the banners in any way, by trying to avoid them with scripts or any other tricks. If such activity is discovered, you will be terminated without any explanation.

Please note that you may not have any commercial content on your website in the form of advertisements, direct sales, or any other commercial products of any kind that would be of profit to you. The service and exposure you gain from 3DLuVr should be more than enough payback. This is your website as an artist, where you advertise yourself and your skills to potential employers or to the general public.

You may *not* run any Perl/CGI, PHP or other scripts on your sites and we do NOT support or permit use of these features by users, stick to the HTML and JavaScript. Why not? Because things you find on the Net could possibly create a security hole on the server and cause more harm than good! If you really need fancy features such as dynamic driven content and databases, then perhaps 3DLuVr is not the right place to put your webpage. You are free to look for real, commercial hosting, for which you will have to pay a fee.

You should send me an email if you wish to do anything with your website that is not outlined here and is not common practice on the 3DLuvr network. This will help prevent any misunderstandings. Thanks !

I am always open to ideas, suggestions, and critiques you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Note that at any time this policy can change without notice, as it suits the needs of this website. Please review this policy from time to time.

Never forget: Web space on this site is a privilege

webmaster AT 3dluvr DOT com

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