09/23/03 A major update in my WIP section. One more character and some animation previews for a short where they will appear.
See them here.

08/28/03 Texturing finished on my wip character.
See it here.

08/27/03 My wip character has a body now. See it here.

08/22/03 Now I have a Guestbook! Sign it in the link on the right, or here.

08/11/03 One new composition test with my WIP character.

07/22/03 I've spent the last two days doing some texture work on my actual work in progress. Pictures on the WIP page.

06/25/03 Finally my portfolio is online, this time on 3DLuVr. Thanks Pedja, for accepting me in your wonderfull artists community, and welcome aboard everybody!