Animation Studios and Friends:
Abdução Produções - The place where I work.
Toro Produções - The place where I've worked. Very nice motion design.

MK12 - The best motion design studio of the world.

Artists and Friends:
Questions - Powerfull hardcore band with a nice designed page.
Unfaced - A new melodic hardcore band that promises.
Loganarts - One of the best 3d artists in Brasil.
Zytrox - Another brasilian 3d artist among the best.
Antropus - A brasilian 3d artist with an Animamundi prize in the hand and another on the way.
Fabio Doná - An artist that is finding his Style. A Very Good Style.
Luiz Elias - A very good spline modeler. His a promising brasilian 3d artist.
Lupin - My friend in the Games Industry. I've learned one thing or two with his tutorial. Go learn there too...

Brasilian Forums (everything in portuguese, but you can find some cool brasilian art here):
3DOnline - The most traditional of them.
3D4All - The newest one, similar to 3DOnline.
Mono_poly - The brasilian Spiraloid, focused in modeling.