This one is called MAX (since it's not quite as low as LowMax).
Requires 3dsmax 7 with SP1 or higher.

Please read the .txt file that comes with it.  This rig is a W.I.P.and I'll probably never finish it. 
It is still very functional, though and has full facial controls.

Don't try to merge a copy of the rig in a scene that already has it loaded, facials will break due to name dependant scripts.

Otherwise, don't use it for commercial work.
Fell free to use it in an animation demo reel as long as you credit me for the rig
Have fun and I hope it will help you practice character animation. :)

Oh and you will need WinRar to extract the archive.


LowMax is a free rig for 3dsmax version 5 and up :-)  It has been inspired by a free rig for Maya LowMan (hence the rig's name:-))
So you'll probably notice some similarities.  A lot of controls are also similar.  You don't need to install any extra scripts or plug-ins.
Everything is rigged using standard max tools.  I even avoided using custom attribute holder since I know a lot of people don't have it installed.
Instead all the Custom Attributes are either on a Dummy object or on a small modifier that does nothing but hold the attributes. 
This rigs features:
IK/FK blending (arms only so far, I'll add this to legs later)
Squash and Stretch on legs, arms, spine, neck, head and arms

                                                      LowMax_3dsmax6.0 (Use Layer Manager to hide parts)

I hope you like it.  Any feedback/comments/bugs etc.  don't hesitate to e-mail me: [email protected]


I'm so happy.  I'm taking my first class at Animation Mentor now.  It's an amazing online Animation School.  If you haven't
heard about the school yet, makes sure to visit 

I also started a blog for posting my AM assignments.  Feel free to take a look and I always appreciate any comments you may have.


Dreamland Chronicles is out in stores.  3D section has some models I made for it.
Take a look at some interviews and reviews of this book.


Interview with Scott Christian Sava on his comic book

Some preview pages from the comic




Resident Evil promo has been on the cover of PS2 magazines, pre-order boxes, and even a cardboard stand at the front of some video game stores.
My contribution?  I modeled the two characters in the foreground. (the ones that have their backs turned to the viewer) :-)