A procedural eye texture

First of all, we have to create a nurbs sphere and scale it a little (5, 5, 5 it's OK).

Now we go to the hypershade and create a new blinn material. Open the attribute editor and link a ramp to the color of the material. Then in the material options, put the highest value in the texture resolution of the Hardware Texturing.

Now we can see our texture better in the workspace.

At last, assign this material to the sphere.


To view correctly the material assigned to the sphere, we have to change the type parameter in the ramp node. Change it to U Ramp.

Now, we have to add color layers in the ramp node. You can take the proportions like in the picture.

The colors are black, fractal, fractal, black, black, white, red, red.

I will explain the fractal nodes later.


In the workspace you have to view something like in the next picture.

At this time, we will create another ramp and connect it to the material's bump.

Change the ramp direction like in the other ramp and add this colors.

Brighter on the iris and darker on the pupil.

Put the bump Depth at 5.

Now, we will go to make the fractals that we have to put in the first ramp created (remember the second picture). Make two fractal nodes and map them to the colors of the ramp.

In both, make the changes in the place2dtexture that you can see in the next picture.

In the first fractal's (the nearest to the pupil) change the color balance to the colors that you like.

Change the frequency ratio to 4.0 (for more soft look) and bias to 0.2 (more contrast).

In the second fractal put another colors (brighter than the others) and the same values on frequency ratio and bias.

At last in this blinn shader, assign the values that you can see in the picture.

This values will generate the eye's bright.

The workspace have to show something like this.

Now we have to create another material for a more accurate bright.

This time, will be a phong material.

Assign a ramp node to the bump.

Like you can see in the picture, the ramp is brighter in the pupil.

Change the values like in the image.

In this ramp, change the color offset to black and color gain to almos black. These values, will recreate the bright of the eye.

If you don't like it when you make the render, change them.

At las in this material , we have to connect another ramp to the transparency.

The ramp have to be like in the next image. White in the pupil and grey on the rest of the eye.

Remember to change the ramp's direction.

To finish the texture, create a layered shader and assign it the two materials that you have created (first the phong and second the blinn material).

Assign the layered shader to the sphere and make a render.

This is the result after this tutorial.

If you want the scene click here.