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23/10/05: Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been quite busy since I arrived in England.
I've succesfully completed my probation period in the Microsoft Game Studio Rare ltd.
working on Perfect Dark Zero
We're now starting another project for the xbox 360.(more details soon)

21/02/05: uploaded my latest work "induction" rendered in maya. here

28/12/04: uploaded two pictures made while learning alias maya and some of its features, here and here

I'll be leaving soon Italy as to relocate to UK (London)
I'll be looking for a job while in UK if you are interested do not esitate to contact me. thanks.

22/10/04: uploaded my latest personal work "industrial waste" and wires. it was editor pick at cgnetworks.com

26/07/04: My dirty job picture was featured on the123d gallery winning their 3dmaster image award
- new renderings and wire of my latest Mech uploaded.
- officially moved to 3dluvr sorry for any trouble with the old address.

28/06/04:My fantasy castle and the warrior has been featured on Newtek website! New pic "Antartica" uploaded, it were also accepted on 3dmmc website winning their gallery award.

04/06/04: Uploaded my latest work, the revisit of my old castle in a more fantasy look. I'm also rendering "Antartica" pic, it will be online on next update of the site. Thanks for stopping by! :)

05/05/04: Uploaded two shots from "swamps" and the renderings of "The Guardian" a quick wireframe is also available. The yellow marker in the gallery makes easier to identify new items.

13/02/04: yesterday my "Hallucinated" image has received the Digital Artworks Award! thanks to digital Artworks staff.

05/02/04: Uploaded "goblin" wires and shade version.

22/01/04: new pictures uploaded to the gallery.

31/12/2003: Website up and running.

The gallery section at the moment contains some of the lightwave 3D renderings I've done so far.. gallery will be updated often with new images and depending on how many visits I'll get, I'll probably write some tutorial or some writings about the "making of" my images. Feel free to contact me for any info, suggestion about the site, tips and hints as to improve some of my images since I think most of them are still works in progress ;) you can find my contacts on the about page.