F i L M B O X - 2 - X S I


Latest Update (01/11/01) Click here to Download

Script halt while writing output files to disk caused by invalid characters in filenames FIXED.


Updated script (30/10/01)

This version of the script outputs .fraw2 files with support for posXYZ now.

Note it will save 3 files for XYZ respectively since XSI doesn't seem to parse the .fraw2 file

to get the respective curve data but instead uses the first curve found in the file. (why?)

So you get 3 different files for e.g rot(XYZ).


In order for the script to work, you must:


1) Plot the animation to the character.

2) Delete everything in the scene leaving just the skeleton

(The idea is to get the rotational values from the skeleton in FBX to directly apply them on a skeleton in XSI)

3) Save the scene in ASCII format ( not supported in FiLMBOX v3.0 - why?)


4) The skeleton in XSI must be in a Tstance and its bones must have frozen rotations (zero).

(It works if you create a skeleton with cones and freeze the rotations - also moving the center accordingly)

5) Save a key for all bones in frame 1 then select a bone, open the animation editor and load all the rot/pos data.


Too much of a hassle eh ? I know...

We're writing it in XSI's VBeditor now so you can select a bone, hit a button, select the respective FBX joint and load the animation.

It might take a while though.

Download the script

MS Word format - load it in Word and hit the Visual Basic Editor button or ALT+F11.

Remember to change the first two lines with the path of your FilmBox scene and output directory to store the converted data.

*NOTE* - If you get a halt running the script it might be because Filmbox has object names such as "PlasticMan:Hips",

the semicolon ":" can not be in the filename of the output file. Open the .tak file and do a search, replacing ":" with "_" or something.

We'll fix that soon.



Keep in mind that this script is just a draft of the idea in a very primitive form...don't expect it to work as you might be thinking it will.

People are welcome to check it out and help if they want - Any suggestions, ideas, comments most welcome --> E-mail