T h r e e D

To DOWNLOAD the video clips you have to (left) click on the link, wait for the new window to popup and then (right) click on the URL and "Save Target As..." to your harddrive.Otherwise the video will either load on your browser or spawn a mediaplayer.

You also need to have the DivX codec installed to watch the videos.

New XSI scripts: Align Objects, Fix Corner.

Lighting/Compositing for TV Show, "The Blobheads"

Download mpeg [3.5mb] - View Stills: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6

First Greek full length CG Film, "Money, a mythology of darkness" (1997)

Created a few shots which are included in this dvd trailer [5.5mb]

Music CD commercials for British Television

Download Avi (360x268) low quality divx [1.4mb]

A Fish Story

Download FishStory Avi (384x288) high quality divx [5.5mb]

3 6 0 P r o j e c t

Download 360 Avi (360x288) medium quality divx [5.6mb]

Download Shot 3 (480x384) high quality divx [5.8mb]

Download particle cloud test render (360x288) medium quality divx [1mb]

Info about the project

T r a n s m i s s i o n

Short SFX clip for student's movie - Download Avi [900kb]

T o A v g o (The Egg)

Download Avi [1.8mb]

M o n e y d a n c e

Download Avi [1.1mb]

Composition using a friend's robot model - no textures -

Download high-res [2048x935] or normal [768x350]

CG elements on [Birdy] footage exercise, using XSI's outdated fur shader.

Experimenting with light to achieve a B&W photography look.

U r b a n F l o w e r s

Macro-Photography with CG elements

Low-polygon spaceship model used for 360 Project

Chapel of ancient city of Priene

Low polygon count model for Virtual Reality CAVE at the F.H.W [6.000 triangles]

Temple of Athena at Assos, Asia Minor

High detail model of the temple for an F.H.W's documentary

Obsolete projects: FilmBox2XSI / LEDtracking / Wav2Fcurve