Download project 360 AVI ( 360x288 ) compressed with DivX ( 5.65mb)

Download Shot 3 AVI ( 480x384 hi-quality ) compressed with DivX ( 5.8mb)

Download particle cloud test render (360x288) compressed with DivX (1mb)

Download tracking draft render (360x288) compressed with DivX (670kb)

The DivX Codec ( 700kb )

Shot 1

Ship flies over camera

Camera slow vertical dolly up


Bournemouth NCCA 3rd term project



Alexander Hemery :

Live footage shooting

Motion capture processing

3D Modeling / Texturing / Lighting / Animation

Colour correction


Luc Schurgers :

Live footage shooting

Marker removal

Footage tracking / stabilising

Compositing / Colour correction



Motion captured with Vicon 8™

Soundtrack : Man With No Name - Possessed ©


We would like to thank:

Richard Klein

Antonis Kotzias

James Cooper




Shot 2

Spaceship flies over camera, circles around and lands

Camera tracks ship

Shot 3 - Beginning

Camera circles around the subjects at high speed

Overexposed shot with motion blur and lens distortion

The effect is aligned to the music score

Shot 3

Aliens dancing in the center of the shot

Camera tracks subjects performing circular motion

Shot 4

Closer shot of the aliens dancing

Camera slow horizontal dolly to the left