Well, I decided not to put my CV up here, but will do it later. As for details about myself, well, I doubt many are interested, but here, recorded for whatever amount of time this website stays up, is the short biography of one Seán Forsyth.

I'm half Irish (well, consider myself fully Irish as I was born and raised here), half Danish, with a Scottish surname (that'll be the grandparents then). I lived in Denmark for about 5 years, working for a while, and then studying computers in Copenhagen Business College for about 3 years.

I also spent a short spell of about a year and a half in lovely Italy (my first job as a 3D artist was there), and hope to go back one day - what a beautiful country with such wonderful people. When not living abroad, I sun myself on the intermittent rays of sunshine provided by the sky over Dublin, here in Ireland - which works out at about 2.31 days a year.

I've been using Max for about 4 or 5 years now, mainly doing stuff for CBT products.