Well, no longer freelance, I now work for Haptica Ltd , a robotics / engineering company here in Ireland. You can see my first demo reel here as a 10MB Divx 5.05 file. You MUST left-click this link in order to download it. Like I said, it's encoded in Divx 5.0.5 format, so you'll need to have that installed, you can get it here. There is some stuff in this reel that you won't see on the site, I just haven't had time to update it yet. I'll get around to it soon though.

I haven't got a tutorial section together yet, as I haven't done enough to warrant one. The links to the two I have done so far are here (hiding mesh seams in realtime engines) and here (using morph targets with character studio).

As for the rest of the site, use the menu on the left to navigate, these menus will display thumbnails at the bottom of the page, which, when clicked, will each in turn show a larger image.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me at: [email protected]

If you need any localisation work done on your site, you might want to look up my brother Steven Forsyth.



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