About Me


Hi there! I'm André Richard (aka Refracted, Kadgar, Weikar) and I'm a 22 year old, 5th year mechanical engineering student at l'Université de Moncton (of which i'll be graduating in may, 2003). I discovered 3d art about 7 years ago with TrueSpace 2 (yuck, I know.. I've learned my lesson), but then found 3ds max 1.2 at school and have been using 3ds max ever since (now version 5). I've also grown very fond of Brazil R/S, developped by Splutterfish. It's a renderer that plugs right into 3ds, and helps me to create even more realsitc materials and lighting effects. I highly recommend this one.

I've finally gotten my lazy ass off the couch and made a collection of some of my better works of art for everyone to enjoy. So sit back, click a few buttons, enjoy my site and if you want to contact me, just click on my address at the bottom of the page, I look forward to hearing from you!