Even more Arnold radiosity renderings

Marcos Fajardo, [email protected]
Malaga, February 2001


High resolution images

(c) 2000 Victor Rodriguez "indigooo"

(c) 2001 Codemasters, images by Rick Nath, models by Mark Ashcroft, Andres Roquero and Jamie Jackson

(c) 2000 Diego Garcia "virtua"

Spiderman image (c) 2001 3de3
Patio, house, balon images (c) 2000 Victor Rodriguez "indigooo"
Balon model by Juan Carlos Jimenez "DjShivan"
City model by Station X Studios

F40, sillas images (c) 2000 Ignacio Vargas "jander"
Diespom image (c) 2000 Gonzalo Rueda

Images and 3D droid models by Carlos Fernandez "charpu", after Doug Chiang designs

(c) 2000 Ruairi Robinson

Images by Sergio Garcia, models from De Espona bank

2000 Marcos Fajardo, [email protected]