Name: Tamas Varga
Year of birth: 1978
Nationality: Hungarian
Languages: Hungarian, English, German
email: [email protected]

Work Experience:

Digic Pictures
February 2004-

Tasks: character modeling, character rigging and pipeline development

Projects: "Armies of Exigo" cinematics

March 2002- end 2003

Tasks: modeling high-res characters for FMVs; character rigging & skinning for motion capture & keyframe animations;  lighting and rendering for FMVs

Projects: "Sudden Strike II." cinematics (US version); "Rebels - The Alcatraz project" cinematics; "Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps" cinematics

Philos Labs
April 2000 - March 2002

Tasks: modeling high-res characters for FMVs; modeling low-res characters for 3D games; lighting and rendering for FMVs

Projects: "The adventures of Tim7" cinematics; "Nexus" (original title: "Imperium Galactica III: Genesis") cinematics
"Rebels - the Alcatraz project" ingame characters; "Dune Tactics" (cancelled) ingame 3D characters and technology research

- character modeling; polygons / subdivision surfaces
- facial expression modeling
- character rigging and related MEL scripting
- UV mapping
- lighting
- good communication skills

Software knowledge:
3ds max - 6 years
Maya - 3 years
Lightwave - 1 year

Kandó Kálmán Polytechnics, 1996-2000 - Bachelor of Computer Science
Leonardo SNS (offical Hungarian Alias|Wavefront partner) 2000 - Maya basics course, Maya modeling course