'Nexus' cinematics (autum 2001 - spring 2002)

character modeling, lighting character modeling (heads + arms), lighting character modeling, lighting, compositing character modeling (heads + arms), lighting
character modeling, lighting character modeling, lighting lighting, compositing lighting, compositing

Nexus, formerly known as Imperium Galactica III., has found a new publisher recently. Altogether we've created some 6-8 minutes of 3D animation for the intro and outro movies while working at Philos Labs. This was my second cinematics project after the multimedia title Tim7.

Number of artists: 10-12 fulltime and some other 5-10 guys helping out at different times; production time: 6 months

I did a lot of different things on this project: much of the character modeling in Max, lots of lighting in Lightwave (which I've had to learn for this), some compositing for a few shots; and also lots of small asset and scene management