2004.06.05 - new article on 3DLuvr.com

My article on the making of the cinematics for 'Afrika Korps' is now available on 3DLuvr.com. I've tried to cover all aspects of the project, in the hope that it may be a help for people working on similar kinds of game cinematics.

I've been working at the animation studio Digic Pictures since the end of January now, creating cinematics for the fantasy game 'Armies of Exigo'. My tasks once again include character modeling, rigging and pipeline development for Maya. Unfortunately I can't show anything until the game's release in October.

I'll try to put together a Work in Progress section soon.

2003.11.22 - new showreel

New showreel available in the gallery, complete with shot breakdown.

2003.11.20 - Imperium Galactica III lives!

A new publisher has purchased Imperium Galactica III after the project was meant to be cancelled a few months ago. The new name for the game is "NEXUS" and it is scheduled for a 2004 release. This also means that our cinematics work for this title may yet see the light :)

2003.10.08 - new images

New images are available in the gallery: Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps.

2003.08.25 - site goes online

I've finally managed to put together a web page. Minimalistic design, emphasis on content...

Resume is available.

Showreel 2002 available for download in the gallery.

New images in the gallery: Imperium Galactica III; Sudden Strike II; Rebels: Prison escape.





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