'Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps' cinematics (summer 2003)

A return to World War II., this project for Digital Reality was quite challenging. First, our team was greatly reduced for this job - only Róbert Kovács + me, with some contract modeling help from Péter Szücsy. Then the amount of work was the most we've had so far: five 20sec campaign animations and an intro. This was originally meant to be 1 minute long, but after creating the animatic, we had to realise that it needed more than 2 minutes. And we had about 4 months to complete everything (in the end it actually lasted longer, but because of the slow communication with the client).

Because of the small team, my responsibilities were somewhat expanded, and I had to leave all the character modeling to the contractor (I've supplied some of my anatomy meshes - arms, legs - to speed up his work though). I've modeled, UV mapped and textured the German Panzers, several props and buildings, and modified the U.S. truck of Zoltán Nagy from the Sudden Strike project to create the Opel Blitz truck. I've also worked a lot on different textures, most of the shaders and all the character rigging (animation was mostly mocap). I also lighted most of the scenes. Animation, scenery modeling + texturing, and compositing was then handled by Robix, so the final (IMHO great :) look is his achievment.

As usual, I've used Max for the modeling, Maya for the rest. More images coming soon. 

Copyright (c) 2003 Digital Reality + Monte Christo Games