Grayson Chalmers
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Shot breakdown:
To apply my creativity, experience, and problem solving skills in a fun, competitive, and enriching environment.

> Gargoyle (low poly 2,602 tris)
This was done as an art test; the objective was a low poly gothic statue. It was completed in about twenty hours.

> Jeep (low poly 1,384 tris)
This assignment was a low poly vehicle in fewer than 1,500 tris with a 512 texture map. It was completed in about twenty five hours.

> Goblin tree (low poly 2,737 tris)
This was done as an art test; the assignment was a low poly tree from provided concept art. All the accessories are modular for use on other trees. The project was completed in about seventeen hours.

> Auto shotgun (low poly 448 tris)
The limitations were a weapon in fewer then 500 tris with a 512 texture. The gun was taken from concept to final texture in about twelve hours.

> F-16 Fighting Falcon (low poly 1,108 tris)
This was done in Maya with hand painted textures. It is 1,108 triangles with a 512x512 texture map.

> Snake River
This image was created in about seventy hours from R&D to final. The entire image is 3d except for the clouds in the background. It was done as a landscape experiment.

> Desert
This piece was done in 3ds Max; every texture is procedural. Everything is 3d; with exception of the background which is a photomontage.

> Vault
This was done in about a fifteen hours; heavy post work was done in After Effects. All the lighting and rendering is the native 3ds Max render and each frame renders in a little less than thirty seconds.

> Dreadnought - Walk test
This was a simple animation exercise to see how well I could get across the weight and scale of this forty ton steel machine.

> Dreadnought - Daylight turntable
The concept of this piece was from the game Warhammer 40,000. This was a personal project done in 3ds Max as a texturing and animation exercise.

> Urban soldier (low poly 1,416 tris) - Run and walk cycle
This piece was modeled, textured, rigged, and animated in about thirty five hours. The whole project was done using Maya; and Photoshop for texturing. The whole mesh including gun, helmet, and accessories weights in at 1,416 triangles.

> Monitor Lizard
This was completed in about forty hours from concept to final product. It was modeled in 3ds Max and then rigged, animated, and rendered in Maya. I created all the textures from photos. The sound clip is from Godzilla.

> Granny
This is a clip from an animation exercise in 3ds Max, the full shot was thirty seconds long. From first concept to final animation it was completed in around eighty hours.

> Titanic
The assignment was to have a simple character in a rubber raft get hit by a wave; the focus was weight and momentum. It was all hand drawn and took about two and a half weeks.

> On the job
This is a walk cycle with a short anticipation. It was all hand drawn and completed in about two weeks.

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