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During my art studies at "College of fine arts" in Cairo, the boom of digital media and Computer generated graphics began, CG and animation started to shape in more mature tools and software.

I became especially interested in this new tools and what they can achieve, it was very interesting to explore this new digital tools in 3d graphics and animation, I felt very comfortable with them, maybe because my work and concepts where best expressed through this new generation of digital tools, since I was much interested in sci-fi and fantasy themes during my early art sketches and designs.

My expertise with 3d softwares developed through the years and I worked in several CGI projects through out studios that I joined or freelance commissions ,this is where I gained experience with professional work environments .

Later I was intrested in my own art production, where I became much fascinated with ancient Egyptian art and mythologies, this great master pieces created during this civilizations where very inspiring to me, and with my fantasy and sci-fi background in hand, I started to develop concepts and ideas from ancient Egyptian mythology to mix Egyptian art with the lasted modern concepts and theories like nature of time and space, and to develop new dimensions and a visions from this classic elements.

it was a new experience, and art contain a sense of adventure in the process, so I had to take my chances at some point.
My aim is to continue exploring new territories in my art career and to express them with the help of continues development in digitals tools and new inspiration sources.


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