Detail Refinements

I wanted the clothing to have detailed creases and wrinkles, something
that I couldn't do easily with splines. After I was done modeling
with the spline cages I converted them to low-poly meshes as seen
on the right/below. Then I made a reference object and smoothed it.
Now I could use box modeling to create more detail. The polygons
were cut into smaller pieces and the points were moved around to
make wrinkles.


I only made wrinkles in the areas where his joints were because
these are supposed to be tight fitting clothes. The nice thing about
this is that it put more detail in these areas as well- so that the bending
of joints will be smoother.


I used the same idea to create the wrinkles on the sleeves. I spent
more time on the sleeves because they will be much more noticeable
in the animation.


Here is a finished render of the sleeves.


When all of the body parts were created it took a lot of control
and reference objects. It was really nice working this way because
I could still go back and change a lot of details.


Texturing the Head