Modeling the Body

I was the model for the body of the mime. The arms and legs were
created in a similar fashion to the head. As you can see below,
the spline cage for the arm floats right above the surface of the arm.
This can be tweaked in real time to see what the result is on the surface.


The vest was more complicated and was created in three parts-
two front pieces and a single back.


I tried to create the hand with spline cages but I had to much
trouble. It was very hard to get the fingers to seamlessly integrate
with the palm. So I tried another way- box modeling. This proved
to be slow but it worked very well. I began with a single box for
the palm then cut and extruded the fingers. The hand to the right
is the one I created. The one on the left is the same model smoothed.
The low-poly hand works similar to the spline cages- it can be
tweaked and the smoothed version will update.


Detail Refinements