Dennis M. Moellers                                   9908 Springfield Drive 
     [email protected]                               Ellicott City, MD 21042                         (410) 750-9324

 To Attain a Position as a Digital Artist in 3-D Modeling and Animation
   Date                  Client/Employer                 Location

 June 2000-               Firaxis Games          11350 McCormick Rd
 Present                   Internship            Hunt Valley, MD
 • 3D modeler and animator for in game units
 • Working with the design team to create new ways to make in game 
   special effects
 • Using Photoshop to create and adjust textures
 • Using particle systems to create effects such as splashes, smoke
   and explosions

 September 1999-              UMBC               1000 Hilltop Circle
May 2000 Imaging Research Center Baltimore, MD
 • 3D modeler for cinematic sequences 
 • Created NURBS models for high resolution shots 
 • Made low-polygon models of various planes and buildings for a 
   regional airport 
 • Performed Photoshop adjustments to textures

 March 2000           Northrop Grumman Corp.     Baltimore, MD
 • Designed and created the CD-ROM cover/back cover art for the 
   "International Radar Conference, Radar 2000"
 • Used Photoshop to create high resolution, collaged images

 January 2000         The Cartoon Tycoon         207 Walnut Alley
                                                 Suite 250
                                                 New Cumberland, PA
 • Worked with the design team in the creation of a television 
   commercial for "Charles Town Races" 
 • Setup complex dynamics simulation that included hundreds of objects 
 • Recreated passive rigid objects to work quickly with dynamics 
 • Worked to the designer's specs in creating a compatible composite of 
   3D images on top of 2D backdrop

 September 1996        Northrop Grumman Corp.    Baltimore, MD

 • Designed and created the conference record artwork for the "1996 
   AP-S International Symposium and URSI Radio Science Meeting"
 • Used pen and ink to create a collage of images for the conference 
 Graduation: Dec. 2000  University of Maryland    Baltimore, MD
                           Baltimore County
   Baltimore, Maryland
   Major: Imaging and Digital Art
   GPA: 3.79
   Columbia, Maryland
   Major: Visual Art
   September 1996 - December 1997
   GPA: 3.4
   • CG Character Animation        • Art and Science in CG Art
   • Advanced Computer Art         • History of Animation
   • Intermediate Computer Art     • Drawing II 
   • Painting I                    • Photography I 
   • Art History I                 • Art History II
   • 3D Studio Max and Cstudio     • Adobe Photoshop 
   • Maya                          • Adobe Premiere 
   • Charcoal drawing              • Oil painting
   • Windows 95/98/NT              • 3-D modeling and animation
 Honors & Awards:     
   • UMBC Undergraduate Research Award
   • UMBC Golden Key National Honor Society Certificate of Recognition
     for Outstanding Academic Achievement
   • 1996 AP-S International Symposium and URSI Radio Science Meeting 
     Award for Proceedings Art Design
   • Mac Weatherly Memorial Scholarship for Artistic Excellence
   • Howard Community College Recognition for Outstanding Academic 

 Available upon request